At International Money Express, the customer is at the center of everything we do. We use proprietary technology to allow consumers to send money from the United States to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, including Mexico and Guatemala. We offer wire transfer, telewire, money order, and other money processing services to our customers through our network of sending and paying agents located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Our services are also available digitally through intermexonline.com. We were founded in 1994 and are headquartered in Miami, Florida with offices in Puebla, Mexico, and Guatemala City, Guatemala.
International Money Express’s corporate history can be found at https://www.intermexonline.com/about-us#history.
9480 South Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida 33156.
Biographies of International Money Express’s board can be found here.

Biographies of International Money Express’s management team can be found here.
International Money Express’s fiscal year ends on December 31.
The company is listed as IMXI on the Nasdaq Stock Market .
International Money Express began public listing of its shares following its merger with FinTech Acquisition Corp. II on July 27, 2018.
International Money Express’s common stock can be purchased in the open market through any registered broker. You cannot purchase shares directly from International Money Express.
No. [At this time, we plan to retain our earnings to help finance our continued growth. We do not anticipate paying any dividends in the foreseeable future]
46005L 101
Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company
One State Street Plaza, 30th Floor
New York, New York 10004
Attn: Mark Zimkind
Email: mzimkind@continentalstock.com
330 North Wabash Avenue
Suite 3200
Chicago, IL 60611
You may contact International Money Express’s Investor Relations via email at investors@intermexonline.com or by calling +1 305-671-8056.
Information about the Company’s next earnings release can be viewed, when available, by visiting the Upcoming Events section of the Company’s Investor Relations website or by clicking here.
SEC filings as well as quarterly and annual reports can be accessed on the Investor Relations section of the International Money Express website or by clicking here. SEC filings can also be accessed directly from the SEC at www.sec.gov.
You can register your email address using the following link to receive news updates and SEC filings alerts here.
Please go to the email alerts section of our website or click here.
Information about our Annual Stockholders’ Meeting will be available in a proxy statement filing with the SEC.
International Money Express’s latest corporate-related press releases can be accessed in our newsroom here.
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